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▼ Transcendence through Exposure
♓️ I don't know what to put here really, I do but it's a bit much。 I like dancing and singing。 I like a lot of 80's, 90's music and aesthetics so I like vaporwave too。 I like unexpected adventures, no matter how sudden or life threatening they might be。I'm a thrill seeker。As of 2020 I'm now very happily married. I never thought I'd get married, never wanted to. This person made me change my mind about it. I never thought I'd meet someone like this, only in my dreams as corny as that sounds. They made me want to dream again, I feel like i did before this world and it's slimy people picked me apart. And damn is he so unbelievable. I wonder sometimes if he's even real, if this is a long dream but he is and I've accepted that. I never have to doubt the way he feels about me, he's so genuine and true. I would give everything I am for him again and again. Forever and eternity. My love Michael. ♥
^^ Michael :3
▼ Kai&Sai, Takuu(Kai), Lance, the Hanz, Ellie, Xui, Cry, Sin

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