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Candy Valley High School Uniform Collection

Candy Valley HS Uniform Top1 Candy Valley HS Uniform Top2 Candy Valley HS Uniform Skirt1 Candy Valley HS Uniform Skirt2 Candy Valley HS Uniform Thong1
Candy Valley HS Uniform Panties1 Candy Valley HS Stockings1 Candy Valley HS Stockings2 Candy Valley HS Uniform Gloves Candy Valley HS Uniform Necktie

Candy Valley High School

Bored with just making school girl outfits I've decided to make a club for adults who like to role-play school settings. The club is called Candy Valley High School.

Get your very own Candy Valley Cheerleader outfit with these products!
These are the outfits that are worn during home games main events at the school.
RLove CandyV CheerTop 1 RLove CandyV CheerTop 2 RLove CandyV CheerTop 3 RLove CandyV PomPom
RLove CandyV CheerSkirt1 RLove CandyV CheerSkirt2 RLove CandyV CheerBriefs RLove CandyV CheerShoes1

You can get the alternate Candy Valley cheerleading uniform, choose your top, bottom and shoes from the products below!
RLove CandyV CheerTop 4 RLove CandyV CheerTop 5 RLove CandyV CheerTop 6
RLove CandyV CheerSkirt3 RLove CandyV CheerTop 6 RLove CandyV Panties 01 RLove CandyV CheerShoes2