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Ive been on imvu for many years now, 13 to be precise, ive have my account hacked 2 times.. and this time the hacker totally destroyed everything on my account, everything from my developer status, its now permanently revoked because the hacker (Chowii) broke DMCA/DRM laws. also my whole inventory is gone, my credits is gone and on top of that, imvu wount help me trying to figure out how to get me back to me before the hack, with everything i had on my account.. instead im being treated as a criminal and they wount even search a simple IP to see the location of the hacker, they even helped the hacker transfer my money to another account, when the hacker asked for help to that.. ive been a loyal costumer and developer on imvu for 11 years now.. and to be treated like a criminal.. words cannot describe the dissapointment.. so to everyone thinking about starting an account on imvu, or being a developer, just know when u get hacked, because that will happen, imvu security is worse than any other place, then do not expect any help from imvu. that being said im also looking at a possible law suit because of the DMCA violation the hacker did.. now to wait and see how that turns out.. as always Kind regards ~RedDragon~
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Been Hacked, Back now tho.
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