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"New Me New You We Ain't Got No Worries"

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Ego Box Welcome PRESS F11 & Check out muh catalog and leave a message .Twist my fingers throw up my hood I repp Dallas. If you Rep Tx Or Muh Prods Or If I Just REALLY like ya Ask fo muh badge Its Exxclusivve so if u dont fit dat bill den dont even ask fo it . I Got Anotha Badge its fo muh models though so if u intrrested in modeling Message me Im Always looking fo sum mo pretty faces :p Yea Dey call me REAL Im a devloper on imvu Yes I take request But only request I like when I dont feel lazy. I have a busy life outside of imvu and thats #1 fo me befo these fake avi's on imvu. I seem like a asshole But REALLY Im not just maybe a fed up mothafucka tired of all da drama & bullshit This can't be it man this shit is stressfull Is that what it is I'm just Im dat successfull,Maybe I'm to good to hood low down no good I just keep shit real just like you should, If you read all this & want to still leave me a message then Hell yea I will reply back to I do enjoy meeting people just picky about who lol, Hell You read all this & took time to leave a message so see ya on da flipside. ~REAL~ .Ego Box
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