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Hi everyone, welcome to my homepage my name is Raline, you can call me line. i love to decor a room, developing custom sticker and posters, being a catalog model, and do some imvu photo editing. I'm IMVU abstinence, so lets make friends with love, not make love with friends
Girls are like
Apples on trees. The
Best ones are at the top
of the tree. Boys don't want
to reach for the good apples
because they are afraid of falling
and getting hurt. Instead they get
the rotten apples from the ground
that aren't as good but easy. So the
apples at the top think something
is wrong with them when in fact
they are amazing. They just have
to wait for the right boy, the one
who will risk everything,
who is brave
to climb
all the way up
to the top of the tree

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