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La vie est belle!
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Photobucket Hello! Hey there! Wut’s up Wut it do?! Thank you for visiting my homepage, I’m QueeNeePoo! I’m just here to have some fun, to dance and to chat. But watch what you say cause you really don’t know me like that. Being on IMVU I don’t need no trouble or stress So here’s a little piece of advice: With my business please don’t mess. I possess a fierce bitch attitude that quite frankly, just won’t stop Along with my ‘flaming’ personality, yeah I got it like that. Damn! I’m so hot! I’ve been called many a name from q___r, to f_g, to herm These people just don’t know; shyt, they still got a lot to learn. This ain’t written as a warning or some kind of sott azz threat Cus I totally embrace and believe in myself so you best show me respect. I’m just letting you know exactly where I stand Drama will not be tolerated if you wanna be my friend. Transgender is what I am just like it says on my Tag Oh yeah it’s my world, y’all! This gurl definitely got swagg!
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