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Avatar since: 2005-12-11
Age: 33
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"It\'s hard not to love me."

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Relationship Status: In a Relationship
Looking For: Friendship
My Wish List
This is my Wish List. I will NEVER beg or ask for things but if someone ever wants to get me something this is what it is here for.
() Blk Ruffle Bow DressWhite Top Plz*BubbleGum Pop() Sugar Floss ~Chisuzu() Sugar Floss ~Lindsay
ANN Modern Loft Bundle[m] Gum VictoryVenom Top Plz(SK)White Pet Cat(Adult)Wicked Hazelnut Nina
Froth PrincessWicked Hazelnut KimikoBWicked Hazelnut ArachniaSigP2 Crystal HeelsWicked Hazelnut Jenn
*00*Her Royal CastleCoral Medspacerspacerspacer
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Special Someone
PrincessTia has no special someone.
Contact Me
I love chatting and meeting new people so if you would like to chat with me just leave me a message and we'll chat for sure.
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My Friends (63)
I love friends and meeting new people so free to add me to your friends list just let me know so I can add you too. Thank you for visiting, I hope you left a nice msg!
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