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So, what is there to know about PrettyKitty?

  • I am a Dutch woman, married and mother of two grown-up daughters. I am an interior stylist in RL and therefor I prefer making rooms and furniture here at IMVU. Although every now and than I enjoy making clothes ;)
  • PrettyKitty's partners:
    I often work together with Dutchie2000 who meshes products on my request since I am still not able to mesh myself (shame on you Kitty)
    And there are my alteregos PrettyFashionhouse and Kittydesigns
  • PrettyKitty supports:
    So many wonderful designers, but these I 'd like to mention. Adventseed - Nahushal - MrAnimate - DarkIdeas - Dutchie2000 -Kitayama - Princecharming
  • Extra link to my Submitted outfits Just in case... ;)
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