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It's Springtime, something that makes me happy to no end! For me, spring time also means a big Spring Cleaning, and so I thought I'd update my page. First time in over 3-4 years, so it's long past due :) Please forgive me my work in progress, I'm still tinkering with a lot of stuff, rediscovering my html skills, and seeing how a background works for me. If you've visited my page before, you'll notice the change, and if you haven't... ah... then never mind :) Anyway, please feel welcome, feel free to snoop around. If you're interested, you can watch pictures of the real life me, or a few snaps of my kids... I don't really need to have my face plastered all over the WWW, so forgive me my discretion. But you're welcome to satisfy any curiosity you might feel. After all, I'm a real life person, with a real life life, real life job with responsibilities. I'm a message tagging fool, but over the years I've spent less and less time online. As my priorities changed over the past 5 years, I find myself getting annoyed at how much IMVU lags my computer, and so you will seldom find me online. I simply uninstalled the client.

Feel free to leave a message, I treasure those :)

Have a wonderful day, week, month, year and life.


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Do You Want to Know Who I Am? by mariamarchita
Full Name?: Barbara
Age?: 45 years old
Where Do You Live?: I live in The Netherlands
Who is in your Family?: I have a husband, a daughter and a son. My extended family includes my friends, some of my colleagues. Both parents are still alive, I have wonderful in-laws. My sister and her family and my "stepfather-in-law"-s children and grandchildren.
Do You Have Any Piercings/Tattoos?: My ears are pierced
Do You Smoke?: No, I don't. I never have, and never will.
Do You Drink?: Yes, fluids are tantamount to survival. I rarely drink alcohol though, I fall asleep after 2-3 drinks. No fun at all :)
Do You Do Drugs?: Nope. I'm a control freak. I don't dare lose control and so I've never even tried. I don't have any friends that do, and am very intolerant of people doing drugs.
Are You in a Relationship?: Yes, I'm happily married. I think my husband is also :)
What Do You Do For a Living?: I work as a front office worker in social services, in the largest municipality close to me. I'm the first person you talk to when you apply for welfare in the city I work in.
Favourite Movies?: Among others, I love love love the Shawshank Redemption, Inception, La Vita é Bella, Forrest Gump, The Usual Suspects, Leon, Grease, Fried Green Tomatoes, anything Star Wars. Rogue One and The Force Awakens are my newest additions to the favourites list... the list is endless and varied.
Favourite TV Shows?: I'm very fond of Netflix :) I haven't watched "normal" telly since 2014, to be honest...
Favourite Musical Artists?: There's too many to name them all... Wouldn't know where to begin...
Are You Religious?: Not in a church going way...
What's Your Ethnic Background?: I'm half Dutch, half Indonesian
What Are Your Biggest Fears?: I fear being afraid of things. My biggest fear is "fear".
What's One of Your Dreams/Goals?: My dream is to raise happy kids who raise happy kids :)
What Time Do You Go to Bed at Night?: I usually don't turn in until midnight.
When Do You Get Up in the Morning?: Around 6-ish
How Do You Feel When You Wake Up?: Alive, happy and refreshed. Although I'd love to stay in bed for another 15 minutes...
Do You Have Any Pets?: I have a cat, Jules. He's almost 14 years old and still acts like a silly kitten...
What Kind of Car Do You Drive?: I don't own a car
What's 1 Thing on Your 'Bucket List'?: I still want to learn to play the Cello
What's the Best Thing That's Ever Happened to You?: Meeting my husband is my most fortunate moment in life. Together, we made 3 more wonderful "best things": marying him, and making two immensely wonderful kids
What's the Worst Thing That's Ever Happened to You?: So far, so good :) *fingers crossed*
What's the Worst Physical Pain You've Ever Felt?: No idea... there's no comparing pain...
Have You Ever Been Arrested?: Nope.
How Do You Want to Die?: Old, happy and while asleep
What Do You Regret the Most?: I regret not having been able to talk to my parents on some occasions
Do You Speak Any Foreign Languages?: English, German, French, a bit of Spanish. My native tongue is Dutch. I took Mandarin and Russian as well, but I've forgotten most of those languages
What Causes Are Important to You?: Environmental issues, eating healthy, education and social services.
Are You on Any Medications?: Yes, I have severe Psoriasis. I'm on "secukinumab" but I only started in December '15.
What's Your Best Personality Trait?: I'm friendly and helpful.
What's Your Worst Personality Trait?: Chatterbox :) You probably already figured that one out lol
If You Could Change Anything About Yourself, What Would it Be?: I'd love to have healthy skin and an immune system which doesn't drive itself nuts...
What Do You Want That You Can't Have?: The moon. It's not mine. But I can look at it and be happy :)
What's the Most Important Quality in a Potential Mate?: Humour, perspective, intelligence and being positive and genuinely loving.
What Annoys You?: People who consider themselves a victim. Or people who mope, moan and try to make you feel responsible for their bad decisions
What Brings You to Tears?: I see a lot of people who've had to deal with neglect, abuse and suffering. When they rise above that, stand up for themselves or for their kids, it makes me proud as a peacock. It never ceases to amaze me how strong and resilient they can be. That moves me, I tear up because of that. I try not to, but it's hard to prevent that when someone you've only talked to for an hour is making my heart burst with pride :)
What Are You Currently Reading?: I'm currently reading Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone to my kids. It's in Dutch. I don't really like the translation: it loses a lot of the witty English humour... I tried reasing it to them in English but they just didn't understand diddley...
Describe Yourself in One Word?: "True" (I had to ask my friends this one, it's really a lot harder to describe yourself in one word) (hence, I used a bunch and put them in brackets lol)
What's a Fascinating Fact About You?: I'm a daredevil
What Are You Listening to Right Now?: Birds in the trees making a wonderful ruckus
Do You Think You Are Attractive?: Yes, just as attractive as any other individual. I'm a bit critical of myself though. In my mind I'm prettier than I look in pictures. There's always a weird thing that ticks me off, so I rarely put up pictures of myself
What's One of Your Guilty Pleasures?: Chocolate!!!!!!!!!! :))))))))))
Are You Self-Destructive?: I tend to be accident prone. But I would never intentionaly hurt myself
Have You Been Diagnosed With a Mental Illness?: Not really. I suffered from depression in 2007 as a side effect of medication. Took me a while to get out of that. I've never had any problem since then
Have You Ever Attempted Suicide?: Nope. Don't intend to
What Time Is It?: it's 22:14
What Do You Want to Do Right Now?: Finish this survey, and check if there are any grammatical mistakes to correct. Teehee!!
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Special Someone
PocaHauntsUs has no special someone.
I do too :D

My personal love life is uncomplicated: happily married, mother of two adorable real life kids. I don't get into chats any more, my real life is intoxicating enough :P Feel free to message me, but don't expect me to fawn over pixels with fancy talk :)

If you have any questions, feel free to ask: message me :D

My Interests
Rules of conduct for catching my interest:

* I am pretty ageless. Inside my head, that is. Pictures and my mirror tell me that I'm really, really 45 :D
* Spelling correctly is a must. I'm quite the Grammar Nazi.
* I like people who have something to say. If your repertoire is limited to being guapo, or how hot my pixels are, I'll end chat.
* No, I do not physically look like my avatar in the slightest. I'm very much a 3D woman. I'm a big girl, with curves and lots-of-love handles. What you see is a reflection of me. Her taste is mine. Poca is Barbara, Barbara is Poca, there's no getting around it. There are real life pictures of me in my albums. Feel free to check whom you're chatting with. I don't mind if you don't think I'm pretty. I'm already married to someone who does :)
* I clean my buddylist regularly. Purge it of people I adored, love to talk to, but haven't in a while. I like to keep it neat, well organised and current. I'm anal like that.
* I do not collect buddies. I will not honour random add-requests and am terribly picky about adding buddies.
* I'm married in real life and I'm as happy as I could possibly hope to be. I trust my husband is also ;) I'm not interested in a romantic relationship with anyone else. There's no way in hell I'd real life or pixel-cheat on him. Should you be inclined to want to woo me off my socks, I can understand the urge but am not interested. Hey, I'd date me too! :P
* Real people rule! There's no need to make up stories about yourself.
* Read books!! Trust me, they make you smarter *grins*
* Pretend to be cool for (ab)using drugs and I'll ditch you faster than you can say "loser"

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