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Welcome to my page!
Please enjoy your stay and have fun, Don't forget to visit my shop for random but cute items. Thank you for your amazing support.

About Me

Female|29|Libra|Furry|Gothic|Lazy|Gamer|Nerdy|Chill|Wiccan|Tea Lover|Coffee Lover

I am a digital anthro artist, who happens to live in USA, I can be fun but also chill and down for a movie or just spend time together doing nothing. Mostly play single player games and rare multi-player.

Main games I currently play are: Yakuza Zero C.O.D WWII Tekken South Park Ect.

I love to read books if not try different art mediums to improve my skills and not to get bored, I do have a full time job and keeps me away for 12hrs at random days. Keep in mind I have a job and I can't be online for petty drama. I can be blunt but i tend to water down my thoughts since people are getting easily hurt each day.

Only a handfull are here but I am to lazy to add them lol.
This is in loving memory of a great, amazing, classic and lovable woman, She was my IMVU mom for the longest time that she also became part of my life, She was not only a good friend but an amazing mother to the children she had here on IMVU, Any one who had the honor to had meet her were always left with a huge smile and warmth in their hearts. She knew how to make the gloomiest of days be the best one in your life. She is dearly missed and loved by the ones that still remember her and love her. RIP mum
The person that knows me best, inside and out. Known this boii since I started IMVU, He is a good boii with a bad attitude LOL!.
One sweet and Amazing good boii, He is very cute and fun to talk to.He eared being in my tops for friends the day he made me laugh hard enough with his adorableness!

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They are at the top of my page, For custom fur sets or hair styles please send me a note|Message on here.

New! [L]Cute Smol Kitten Head

New! [L]Smol Kitty Head

New! [L] Busty RL Nude Body |AP|

New! [☾]BBW Naked Body |AP|

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[L] Lulu Pigtales[L] Lulu Hair V10|L| It's A Me Lulu[L]Albedo Long Hair[L]Cute Smol Kitten Head[L]Smol Kitty Head

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