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Avatar since: 2005-11-23
Age: 44
United States - NJ
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"Have A Chaotic Day !"

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Relationship Status: Married
Looking For: Chatting
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(bbc) ATL-black- bundleDEATHSKILLZ VEST*HS*FOOLISH KICKS[r84] Blue Yankee Cap 1($)new era NY cap/orange
NY HATS(PRO)[r84] Rayo Dreds 1[r84] Blk Yankee Cap 1[r84] White Yankee Cap 2Scarface NY Hat
x2 Yellow black nike[53] NY Hat*HS*FOOLISH FLIPING HAT{NY}Yankees Jersey[r84] Blk&Gold King Cap
[JKR] RED YANKEES VAR.[LF] Valentizzle T-HatFitted NY Cap wit DuRag2(bbc) ATL-green- bundle(e) Red New York Fitted2
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I'm back! sorry I have been otherwise occupied with other things. I missed all my friends on here and I believe eventually I will get back into making stickers and developing. Thank You for all the Compliments on my Page and those of my friends that i have done backgrounds for.
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