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Photobucket Well I've been on a serious shopping extravaganza lately, and making lots of avi art. If you see an item my avi is wearing or know that I've bought from you, please send me your badge so I can show my support :) Love you all, Phan
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Please note that I did not make any of the Content in the following avatar collages.. If you would like to know who did make any of the content, just ask and I will direct you to the Creator.

Another note, any and all Poser images contained on the entire page are mine and any combined avatar artworks. Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
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I will change my page theme over and over but this tribute will stay always for our families and friends that are over seas. It will not leave this page until this war is over and they are home! It's been on my page since 2006 when I joined..
Water Mage Staff / WandFairy Goddes Staff(LN)Fairy Redwine Staff!! Sue Coctal DressRobotica Spike Armor
"Fairy Avator"White Layerable Corset$ Lolita[T] Purple Lolita Gloves[T] Purple Lolita Hat
[T] Purple Lolita Shoes[GB] Mae Lolita DressGothic lolita dress B&RLolita Sweet Pink [T]Skeleton  (AST)
Steampunk Hat Goggles'Steampunk Gogglessteampunk- Gothic Lolita Heels -Whiteout Lolita Dress

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