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♥ "Kiss Me Like It Was The End" ♥
♥ "You're All I Want To Reach for" ♥
Goes by / Lauren ♥
Relationship / Single ♥
I like / To think of myself as a cat. ♥
I like / To woof randomly. ♥
I am / A bit broken but aren't we all? ♥
I am / A Capricorn and was born on the 25th December. ♥
I love / Anime, playing video games and being lazy. ♥
I am / Nice to everyone unless you are mean to me. ♥
I am / Honest af, confident, loyal, sometimes pretty random. ♥
Pets / Tiny (f/11yo) ♥
Have a nice day! ♥
♥ "Be My Eternal Forever" ♥
♥ "Forever Hold Me" ♥
Q: Do you create?
A: Yes check my shop here
Q: Do you edit? and if so what are your prices?
A: Yes I do, you can find my pricing list here
Q: Hi can you get me.. off my wishlist
A: I'm not an atm, I gift people on my own choice. Begging gets you NOWHERE.
Q: Can I add you?
A: ofc! I'm always looking for new friends!
♥ Welcome to my homepage, do enjoy your stay and check my shop! ♥

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