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Hello. I go by many names, I don't care if you call me Nin or Panda. Nice to meet you though. And now I don't know what to tell about myself.. I am shy, very bad at starting conversations.. Um.. My hobbies? Collecting free badges, playing CAH (Cards Against Humanity), Pokémon Go/Pokémon TCGO (Trading Card Game Online), also spending my time with my irl family, and with online family too. Knitting socks and mittens are one of my hobbies as well. Oh and don't forgot the music! Rammstein, Linkin Park, Avenged Sevenfold, Hollywood Undead, Evanescence and few other bands, those are the ones what I listen every day. My favourite colors are black, red, blue, white, grey and purple. Also pastel colors.

I love... Food. :D Jkjk. Mom, dad, daughter. And big luv.♥

Friends.. Hm... Well, those, who sees me as their friend.

I will edit this later, sorry.

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