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(OD) Our TV(OD) Garden table(OD) Chair green(OD) Inn  bar Table(OD) Olina red3(OD) Olina red 2
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[Z] Rey Necklace black[Z] DQC ScrolldeskAfrica Tribal GroupDanceTribal Forehead Tattoo£. Dottie Black
F. Kalifa Black~E- Briarville Stables~E- Baker's Shelves~E- EAW Kitchen Ovens~E- EAW Baking Table
Mjolnir bronce necklaceBN Viking Arm Ring v. 2Scars IIViking Hairwarrior torso and tattoo
[Ry] Arve Black[Ry] Wanderer~E- EAW Fur Bed[Z] Hells Promise Bundle[Ry] Ellenore Dusk
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