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Hello, my name is Ragnarr Wolf, but you can just call me Sifu.

I'm an old fart on here, and I've seen a lot of good and a shit-load of bad.

I'm the kind of guy who will challenge your opinions. I will push your buttons. I will either make you think or cry.

If you're not a total liberal moron or a SJW snowflake, we may get along.

Former member of the Deadmen. Former Underboss of Corleonesi. Former Commander of JSMS. Former Commander of Executioners. Acting Commander/2nd in Command of Black Hand. Don of Sciortino Family. Alpha of Wolf Clan. Commander of the Red Right Hand.

Name: Ragnarr “Sifu” Wolf

Location: Percy Priest Lake, Tennessee, United States

Business Ventures: McDoobies, The Red Right Hand (PMC), The Red Left Hand (PSC)

Status: Bachelors (Political Theory), Masters (History), Ph.D (Dudeism), Retired Army 1st Sergeant.

Age: 57

DOB: 3/28/1962

Place of Birth: Chicago, Ill

Parents: James “Raven” Wolf, Kerry Tyrrgvsson

Hair Color: Dark Brown/Grey

Eye Color: Hazel/Grey Calico

Height: 5’9”

Weight: 215lbs

Body Mass: 97.5kg

Body Type: Muscular/Athletic

Features: Grey grizzly beard, shoulder-length grey hair, eyepatch (sometimes-for preserving shooting eye), scar on cheek, thin scars all over hands, Virgin Mother tattoo on his neck

Personality: Calm, Quick, Calculating

Hobbies: Programming, Electronics, Drones, Cannabis Culture, Firearms Enthusiast, Martial Arts, MMA, Boxing, Wrestling, Baseball, Rugby, Debate, Politics, Armorer, Gunsmithing, Weight Lifting, Cross Training


2019 Ford F-150 Raptor Supercharged V8 Hennessey "Sleipnir" (5.0-liter V-8, 758hp, 2.9-liter supercharger, 10-speed automatic transmission, Stage suspension, Hennessey 20-inch alloy wheels wrapped in 37-inch BF Goodrich KM03 off-road Run-Flat Kevlar tires, 60mph/4.1sec; B7 Level Car Armor (Armor Piercing Rifle Protection), Max Speed: 85mph

(1) Glock G20 Gen4: "Gungnir" (w/ 10mm Auto (Hornady 180-Grain XTP: JHP; 1,180 feet per second velocity, 556ft.lbs), Gen 4 Tungsten Guide Rod, Ultimate Pyramid Trigger, Titanium Striker, Competition Trigger Spring, Trijicon RMR Type 2 Red Dot reflex sight, Pachmayr Tactical Grip Glove, Viridian (X5L) Univ. Green Laser/Tac LightDouble, Diamond Dimpled Barrel (15 Round Magazine + 1 Chambered, w/ 2 spare magazines and T-Rex Sidecar Appendix Holster, Condor Tornado Tactical Leg Holster w/ 1 spare magazine, G2 Urban Carry Holster w/ 2 spare magazines))
(2) SIG MPX-SD: "Skadhi" (w/ .40 Remington 180gr Ultimate Defense ( JHP, waterproofed/treated powder; 30 round magazine, 1,015 ft/s), MK1 VTAC Sling,Trijicon ACOG)
(3) SIGM400 ELITE TI : "Logi" (w/ .300 AAC 110 gr (7 g) Hornady Black V-MAX ((2,375 ft/s||1,377 ft⋅lbf)), ROMEO8 Red Dot Sight, SRD556-QD silencer, MK1 VTAC Sling, BLK Black Segmented Vertical Grip, 75gr HPBT 5.56x45 Ammo by Hornady, Cole-Tac Stability Sling)
(4) 44. Automag I: "Bani" (bullet casing: 30-06 cut down to 1.298 inches (about 33mm) in length) // 44. AMP 265gr Hornady XTP. 7+1 with a magazine the size of a cigarette pack; 1,484ft/s)

Martial Arts Studied: Jeet Kune Do, Boxing, Collegiate Wrestling, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Wing Tsun, Savate, Pankratia, Ed Parker’s Kenpo Karate, Street-Fighting

General Story
Born in Chicago, he grew up in a nice residence in North Chicago. His father, a Norse Pagan. demanded excellence and physical superiority and Ragnarr excelled in sports such as wrestling and baseball. In High School he also learned to speak German and French. He was intrigued by geography, astronomy, chemistry, physics, and history. He was also an avid Chicago Cubs fan, his father letting him skip school for pivotal games. Turning down a scholarship to the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, he instead enlisted in the army in 1980 at 18. After completing basic training with OSUT (One Station Unit Training), he took 11B as his MOS. Ragnarr attended Airborne Training at Fort Benning. He then attended the SOPC (Special Operations Preparation Course), and after SFQC training with the 75th Rangers, he completed his Collective Training Phases (Special Ops Classes, Direct Action (DA) Isolation, Air Operations, Unconventional Warfare classes and Isolation Training). He then received language training, learning Arabic, Portuguese, Spanish, and Russian. After six years, he had been accepted into the 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment-Delta (SFOD-D). He served Delta Force for an additional 14 years, retiring from the U.S. Army with the rank of First Sergeant in 2000. During his tenure in the military he obtained his Master’s in history and in his 10th year in uniform, he met Katria Raven, an up and coming actress. Kat stayed with his father in Chicago while Ragnarr did things for the U.S. Army. Upon his Honorable Discharge, he moved to Chicago and set up a business, Xx (the Xecutioners), a small yet effective Private Military Company who had been hired by the U.S. Pentagon to deal with more disturbing aspects of the growing war on Terrorism in the Middle East and Africa. During this time, Sifu hired himself out as a local gun for whomever could fit the bill, and he created the JSMS (Juggalo Security Management Services). It was here he was approached and recruited by San Francisco Powerhouse Mafia Don, Mr. Sciortino in 2005. In 2006, Ragnarr moved his family to San Francisco and became Mr. Sciortino’s personal piccotio. After many years of hard work for Mr. S, Ragnarr--a non-Sicilian--was Made by Mr. Sciortino in a ceremony that had Sifu in tears. No surprise, he quickly rose to the position of Capo and Underboss. During this time, Mr. Sciortino pushed Ragnarr in his evolution, turning the elite-soldier into a businessman. Ragnarr created Wolf Arms, a manufacturer of weapons and armor systems for personal and vehicle use. Wolf Arms quickly began to produce weapons and other armaments under contract to U.S., NATO, and Israeli special forces. As Mr. Sciortino began to focus more on making Hollywood movies, he allowed Ragnarr to take more and more of the reigns of the machine. In 2012, Mr. Sciortino was affronted by the FBI with charges of racketeering, drug trafficking and several counts of murder, amongst many other charges. Spending his vast fortune, Ragnarr sold off Xx and JSMS to pay for the lawyers, and to bribe the judges to get Mr. Sciortino exonerated. After this incident, which Ragnarr paid to keep silent in the media, Mr. Sciortino retired and left the hands of the Sciortino Familia in the hands of Sifu Wolf. Mr. S became the Godfather of the West Coast. This financial strain hurt his marriage to Katria, and the two mutually divorced. Since 2012, Ragnarr slowly built back up his businesses, following the trends and getting involved in Cannabis distribution and Hemp manufacturing and distribution. He created a new PMC and PSC group over time. In 2017, he began his relocation to a 280 acre property in Rural Hill, Tennessee due to legal issues concerning on-site weapons with the liberal California government concerning his PSC. It was at this time he was approached by an underground insurgency group, The Black Hand. Putting on a mask, growing out a long beard and growing out his hair, to conceal his identity he joined a former African Special Forces Officer in stirring up some trouble. After he did some dirt with the Black Hand, he returned to take-charge of his old empire and shake the world to its core. Sifu had returned and from his secured ranch, he watched the world and planned his next move.










I have a lot of acquaintances, but very few people I actually would call friends.

:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::THE CHOSEN FEW:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::
Jess, Hex, Con, J, Marc, Kyle, Fucker, Death, Alston, Xena, Tiss, AJ, Logan, Rincada, Azazel, Drakon, Art, Krow, Op, Mr.S, Brenna, Croana, Xcon, Stacy, Dest, Mari, Dutch, Fritz, Ninja, Toxic, Wikid, KAZE, Kyle, Josh, Tzu, TOT, Taylor, Viola, Tenjin, Evil
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