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Name is Alician. Ali for short.
I am a 24 year old American living in Canada.
I am a Sagittarius and I live up to the title.
I work full time as a professional, alternative promotional model.
I am a mother to a 5 year old IRL. Sometimes I am not able to get online.
I have a life in the real world, please come to terms with that before coming into contact with me.

I do not PC. I can be found in many public rooms. Talk with me there.
I am an rp'r. I have been Rp'ing for 12 years. Long before IMVU and "3D chat clients."
I am a Multi-Character Roleplayer, and the creator of the Albian Realm and the Thorian Race.
My RP account is Occultx.

I have been in the lifestyle online AND offline for roughly seven years and am very active in my community.
I am the creator and head to the House Of Amor Market/Lounge and Family. I often Mentor when asked.

I am a Developer/Creator here on IMVU.
I also design my own Display Photos, I will occasionally take requests.

Questions? Ask. I love them.
Despite popular belief, I am very friendly and loving.

I am a Lifestyler. Online and Offline.
I am a Submissive/BabyGirl with brat tendencies and currently trialing with Veth♥, "Inconvenience / Vilific"..
I do mentor. Currently mentoring Drelluz.

I belong to the House of Amor Family, heart and soul.
The Amor Family is a large BDSM Lifestyle orientated family whom believe in
spreading proper knowledge about the lifestyle among curios minds.
We are always accepting new Markets, Lounges and people into our family and protection.

♥The Amor Family & Friends♥


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