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The Nocturnal Embassy welcomes all creatures of the night....bring within these halls, your visions... the images that speak from your darkest hours and bliss. Prizes await those who's images prove most becoming...are you up for the challenge?

- Nocturnal Embassy's Dark Outfitters features an Outfit based challenge which runs EVERY 2 MONTHS and is tagged as GA.

Instructions to enter the contests: To enter make and select your outfit picture and press submit. Be careful to choose the correct picture as entries can be submitted just once and regardless who you are, we can’t amend them.
Entries take between seconds to some days to be accepted as we do review them manually so don't panic.
If you are 100% sure your entry complies with the rules and its on time but you don't see it up after a week, feel free to message Gothicgarden so we can investigate what went wrong.


Our Current theme is: NEXT CONTEST BEGINS ON FEBRUARY 2nd 2019
Banner Artist: ?

How would you dress and where would you be if you felt like a free bird?

First Place: 50k

Second place: 30k

Third place: 20k

Finalists: Sticker and Surprise (subject to availability) to top 10

In case of tied entries, the prize will be split.

OPENS: February 2nd 2019 00:00 AM US PST
CLOSES: February 31st 2019 00:00 AM US PST



Nocturnal Embassy's Dark Outfitters Contest, takes place ONCE a month and accepts GA pics only
Recycled entries from other contests will be removed.
Entrants who don't display our banner in their HP won't be accepted.
Don't hesitate to report any repeated entries you see somewhere else.
Please check beginning and ending dates beneath the themed main pic and banner as other dates don't count. Entries placed after that date, won't make the cut

RULE 1.) Read the rules before entering the contest. If your entry does not abide by our rules, it will be rejected.

RULE 2.) This contest is open to all ages -- so your entry must not violate the IMVU Terms of Service. Anything deemed overly sexual, sexually explicit, and excessively violent or offensive may be rejected. The outfit shall be visible at least until your entry is accepted.

RULE 3.) Your entry must be submitted through Outfit format. Please adhere to the theme and make sure that your outfit is set as visible. Please avoid rooms with restricted content and clothes non compliant with the Minimum coverage guide as otherwise the entry won't be accepted. To enter the contest, click on the button "ENTER CONTEST" and select the picture from there

RULE 4.) Our judges, sponsors and nocturnal embassy affiliate members can submit their entries for fun, but will not be considered for prizes.

RULE 5.) Entries with Dressing Room, gray or nonexistent backgrounds, Off-theme, copied from other contests will be rejected. We reserve the right to reject your submission for any reason.

RULE 6.) You must display our Banner on your home page for the duration of the contest. Failure to do so will result in your disqualification. If you remove our banner during the contest, you will be disqualified also. The banner can be inside a scrolling panel, but please make sure it's not modified from it's original format and its not too hidden so that we can find it easily. Try to avoid the scrolling bars have stickers obstructing to be scrolled.

STEP 1. Copy the banner code.
STEP 2. Go to a prominent and visible panel on your Home Page and click on the Edit button. A menu will appear.
STEP 3. From the menu, select "Edit custom HTML/CSS". A text field will appear below the panel.
STEP 4. Paste the banner code into the text field, then click the Save button.

RULE 7.) Only one entry per person/household is allowed. To thwart cheaters we can only allow one entry per avatar/person/IP/computer/household. Our system runs various checks to prevent and disqualify anyone trying to bypass these checks. You can participate simultaneously in the minis or any other contest that run at our group

RULE 8.) Your submission is final and we cant change them manually after submitted. Please take this in account to avoid disappointment.

RULE 9.) You and your home page must be accessible and must not be set private. Your account's privacy settings must allow us to message you, or your entry will be disqualified. Finalists who cannot be contacted will be immediately disqualified. After all, we cannot award you a prize if we cannot contact you!

RULE 10.) Grant of Rights: by submitting your entry, you grant us the right to display your entry credited to your avatar name.

RULE 11.) Your entry will be judged for the expression of the contest theme, the quality of presentation, the appearance of your avatar, the composition of the image, your creativity and style. Put forth a sincere effort and show us what you can do.

RULE 12.) We welcome your questions, but please read all rules FIRST before contacting us.

RULE 13.) No Drama of any type will be tolerated. Keep your communications civil. If you have a complaint or grievance, please feel free to talk with us. Sending rude messages will NOT resolve your issues. Abusive people and other offenders will be banned from all future contests, so please consider the consequences of your actions.

RULE 14.) The top 3 winners of a contest will not be allowed to win a top 3 spot in the next contest. After the next contest has passed they may win top 3 spots again. This allows all other contestants to have a fair chance at the top spots, with no single contestant dominating week to week.

RULE 15.) Your entry must be freshly made for this contest as the system only keeps recent entries. Any outfit entry that was made for other contests, and is being entered here does NOT show the imagination, dedication, and sincerity we are looking for in a contestant. Any outfit entry being used simultaneously in other contests will forfeit your current Nocturnal Embassy entry.

Before voting, our judges will review and filter all the entries again to verify if the theme is self explanatory and shown clearly, no violatons to TOS and VGP, no "recycling" reports, and at least one avatar is visible. Also entries submitted out of time might not make the final cut, so please check the banner dates as those are the official ones.

Rules are subject to change if we consider our project requires adjustments.. Contestants are responsible for reading and re-reading the rules for any changes BEFORE they enter the contest.

Rules used under written permission of Avatar Awards.

Winners for our last contest at Nocturnal Embassy have been chosen.
We enjoyed all the entries and congratulate you all on your hard work.
The winners are...



All details on future contests, past winners or any questions you may have, can be found by joining our group



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