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can you hear me? Good.
Thank you for your visit. You can find my latest updates and other stuff on this page.
I like to get in touch with people but please, do not add me to your friends-list without to introduce yourself first.

15.Aug.2015 | New homepage, made by Rainy & Gaf210, custom-shop is open.
25.Jul.2015 | something for the supernatural beings, a fairy skin -> Fairytale
18.Jul.2015 | New skin-line in 6 diff. make-up colors/styles -> Cosma
29.Mar.2015 | Doll-like skin -> Cosma
14.Feb.2015 | New skin with vitiligo (depigmentation) -> Vitiligo
01.Feb.2015 | LoveLLoost skin-line with liquid posion effect, based on my old skin �Posion (vervainHummingBird)
27.Jan.2015 | A colorful holi-skin -> Holi-Girl
31.Dec.2014 | New female skin -> Nilam
25.Dec.2014 | working on my version of Zephyr's skin base on my account NightGlow

The NightGlow

This is NightGlow aka vervainHummingBird.
Some people know me by the username �xMailinx� or �Aeden� and i�m a member since 21 July 2006.
In 2001, i started with webdesign and HTML/CSS but my passion is to make 2D graphics for imvu.
I decided to focus on female skins but i also create hair textures, outfits, eye textures from time to time.

What else to say? like the simple things in life but the complicated stuff motivates me when it comes to webdesign and developing.

I love Spotify, Photoshop and Kaleesi is my hero (she makes mistakes but we all do, right?).
The Creation Of Skins

So, i�m here to paint with pixels and make your imvu life brighter (it does not mean i�m not willing to create dark stuff)
Please send me your order by forum pm. It is up to you if you leave a review or not.

What i do
everything that has something to do with female skins, almost everything or at least� i give it a try.

What i can not and/or do not want to do
furry skins, male skins (maybe one day), copy someone else�s imvu/second life/sims template.
I might try to create a matching skin tone to fit your favorite mesh head. However, i need the �ok�.
Tell me who made it, otherwise i won�t start with your order.

Heads i use (mostly)
Nadia & Allie Head (with & without lashes)


* Please be patient. I try my best to work on your skin during the week but i can not promise because of my full time job (incl. saturday, twice a month).
* I have the rights to submit the skin if you cancel your order after i start working on it.
* You can not book a slot. Please wait till the next slot is available.
* Please be specific in your form.
* I accept paypal payment only (gift/send to friends&family)
* Do not leave your messages to -Buddies Only-


Public: 0 cr.
Priced at 499 cr.
Gifted: Yes
- tattoos accepted (a text is ok but no name) and i�m very picky when it comes to public skins.

Limited: 6.8k -> $2.70
Priced at 8k
Gifted: Yes

Exclusive: 10.8k -> $4.30
Priced at 15k
Gifted: Yes

Super-Exclusive: 20.8k -> $8.30
Priced at 50k
Gifted: Yes


I want to name the skin:
Account(only if you want me to gift the skin to someone else):
Skin Tone:
Eyelid Style:
Breast Style:
Eyeshadow Style & Color:
Eyeliner Style & Color:
Lipstic Style & Color:
Blush Style & Color: