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Just being myself
Relationship Status: Married
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My one n only love
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Gimp Developers School

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The DarkRose

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The Cuddle House ect.

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** Zpremades **

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The Cursed Angels

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Curse of Night Fall

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_ Paradise Art Shop _

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The Realm of Ancient Ones

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!L FULL FACE PIERC SILVRPierce yo faceFull face piercing!L FULL PIERCING TEAL♰ Sharktooth Piercings
Ears piercingSnake bait piercingChain chokerEyebrow piercingSilver ear piercing
Red brandsBadboy bundle v3Badboy bundle v1Winter in black bundleHeinz bundle v2
Elrod bundleHeinz bundle v1Ester bundleClaudite bundle v3 RLspacer
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Loft ApartmentSweetheart HeelsSweetheart Top
Sweetheart SkirtBlue FrostingRed Elegant w/Flower

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