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But we loved with a love that was more than love—

I and my Annabel Lee


There isn’t really a lot to tell about myself. I’m a developer, I’ve been developing for eight years off and on. I seem to always pick it up when I am going through a stressful time in my life. I’m a foul human being, I have an attitude problem and I am not afraid to tell people how it is or to assert my dominance when needed.

I’m an English nerd who has a fascination and love for the darker side of literature. The works of Edgar Allan Poe inspire a lot of my own writing as well as my developing here on IMVU. I am a firm believer that there is more beauty in the darkness than there is in the light, as most of the beauty is shadowed, just in need of searching.

I’m a taken girl, and have been with the same man on and off of IMVU for the past eight years. As much grief as I get for being in a long distance relationship, nothing has been able to change my mind on the subject or change my feelings for my boyfriend. The subject is not to be discussed, and if anyone has an opinion, I suggest you keep it to yourself. :)
That’s all I guess. If you have any requests, please send me a message via my inbox.

Zera ♥

Tot de dag dat de zon op komt in het westen en ondergaat in het oosten.
Tot de dag dat de rivieren opdrogen en de bergen in de wind blazen als bladeren.
Tot die dag komt zal ik nooit stoppen van jou te houden. ♥


Twin: You're the better half of me. The right side of insanity and the biggest piece of my existence.

Dame: You are my best fiend, my ride or die, the only midget that can make me laugh and have it not be completely inappropriate.... Thank you for being so patient when it comes to me being absent from the group. Thank you for being understanding when it comes to my work schedule. And thank you for always being there to help with anything that comes my way. ♥

Chris: There have been times when I wanted to slap you, hug you, laugh with you and murder you. But honestly, although we fight and get on each other's nerves, you are one of the very few who I know will be completely and openly honest with me at all times. There is never a time when I feel like I can't go to you to talk because I know you'll tell me the honest truth. Thank you for being the constant pain in my ass.

Paige: I do believe.... I like you. Lol. I think me and you can be frands. Mebbe..

The ones no longer on IMVU: Kimmy and Jenni, I love you both. You're never far from my thoughts and all of our IMVU memories live on in our photos. You're still my sisters and I love you dearly.

The Talent

People nowadays claim to be "Real" Devs and are the one's who steal everything they have ever made. Here are the few I support.

Zerachiel - Macabre - Morgue

Many others, I swear.I just can't think of any right now.

Name: Needlz

Age: Freshly Dead, thank you very much.

Gender: Whatever butters your parsnips.

Location: In the Library with the Vashta Nerada.

I am the Bad Wolf. I create myself. I take the words; I scatter them in time and space. A message to lead myself here.
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