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  • Hi, I'm Nataliate, but feel free to call me Nat. I like Programming (particularly coding AI such as Neural Networks), Artificial Intelligence, Technology, Literature, Fashion, Interior Design and Chatting. I also read and occasionally play games, usually in either high fantasy magic, sci-fi space opera or cyberpunk settings. I do watch movies, TV series and anime, but not enough to be called an enthusiast of any.

    A couple words to describe my beliefs and such would be optimist, atheist, existentialist, moral naturalist, stoic and transhumanist. I do enjoy debating and intelligent conversation so feel free to talk about it, or question any of my positions, if you'd like. I think everything should be questioned and talked about maturely! If you cannot rationally defend any belief you hold, you shouldn't hold that belief in the first place. Also, in my opinion, morality can be derived from logic and reason through mutual social contracts for one's own benefit, without an objective moral system defined by a higher power, as according to Sam Harris' book, The Moral Landscape, which I highly recommend. An existentialist in the sense I do not believe there is a meaning to life other than one we give ourselves, and what meaning can be higher?

    Transhumanist (no, not a transsexual) is another label that would be apt, since I'm of the opinion that we should use technology to overcome the trappings of natural evolution as well as the innate failings of the human condition, and ascend to a higher state, a state whereby we would be posthuman. Like it or not, we will eventually be replaced by AI unless we improve ourselves. This is including but not limited to immortality, enhanced physiology, and so on. Bring on the cybernetic revolution!

    On IMVU, I'm mostly here to just chill in my room, talk to friends, and making all sorts of outfits. Sci-fi, Fantasy, Supernatural, Furs, Kawaii, Lewd - you name it. Also made one room, another is in the works but I've been too busy to work on that recently. But I'll get to it eventually! Not even for rp, just for the sake of making outfits in and of itself.

    If you want to talk to or get to know me, or you're just bored without someone to talk to, you can find me at my AP room Digital Dreams if I'm online. Or you can simply drop me a message, add me, or invite me to 3D chat! I accept all requests and do my best to respond to everyone (although sometimes not in a timely manner), so don't be shy to talk to me! You can never have too many friends. However, take care to remember I am human just like you and not a doormat. I will offer the same respect you offer me - Nothing more, nothing less.

    Lastly, I am IMVU only, but I've very rarely shared my Discord. I'm also not looking for any kind of romantic relationships on here, or anything remotely similar. Just a girl here to chill with friends and make fits. Want to be my friend anyway? Welcome aboard!

  • Digital Dreams is an AP room designed in the theme of a strip club with androids in a cyberpunk dystopia, with gratuitous amounts of oriental influence and neon thrown in. The upper level is the club itself, with the lower being a high tech basement area where spare parts, cool gadgetry, power systems and weaponry are located. There are some hidden easter eggs too! Feel free to use it as a hangout spot, for sci fi roleplays, or what have you.

    I only ask that you avoid body or face lights, as it lights up the room and ruins the ambience of the dimly lit room, and to restrict your outfits to 5mb max so that the room may load reasonably quickly for those with a shaky or slow internet connection. If you are afk, please do try to use the 'BRB' seats so people know you are away, unless those are taken. However, parkers won't be kicked as long as the room isn't full, at which point the one parked the longest would have to be, simply for capacity issues.

    Also, please don't spam, beg or harrass others. No means no, especially when anything explicit is involved. Mods nor I are fans of booting people, but we will if we must, if the offender isn't listening after being warned and reminded, for the sake of the other room occupants.

    Without further ado, please click on the image below to enter, and let me be the first to wish you welcome!

  • Coming soon! Really. If you, whoever is reading this sees this message on any month after May 2020, annoy me until I get to this!