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PonyFox and Proud!!
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PLEASE NOTE I AM MIGRATING AWAY FROM IMVU PURELY DUE TO DISCORD BEING EASIER ON THE COMPUTER. I AM NOT LEAVING IMVU, BUT AM NOW USING DISCORD MORE FREQUENTLY. If you wanna talk to me more often, you can find me at https://discord.gg/EevEFQu at my YuGiOh and Youtube-related server. You can confirm this address as being accurate by looking at literally ANY of my videos on my channel and seeing the same address. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- THIS is my homepage! Gaze upon it in all its homepage-erific glory!!! Now, about me... I'm a huge anime fan, I go both ways, and I don't care if other people like it or not! XD If anyone likes this stuff... or wants to ask any questions my vague statement didn't cover... gimme a message =3 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The anime you see in the background is Air Gear, one of my favorites. The guy' name is Ikki, and he stumbled onto the world of Air Trek, motorized rollerblades, discovering he has a natural knack for them. And he uses them to pursue his own way in life and freedoms. But what happens when the others try to keep him down? Watch and find out! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I wish to say now, that I have a slow connection. I can only either hold 2 chats at the very most, so if I either do not accept or turn your chat down, it means I have reached the limit of chatting. It's not that I don't want to talk, it's that I have hit my limit. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I also have a YouTube channel where I talk more about YuGiOh. https://www.youtube.com/c/nanashikokoro
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