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Age: 52
Virgin Islands (U.S.)
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Self love is a daily practice and you are worth it, Baby!!!
Relationship Status: Single
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MISS IMVU USA 2020 Winner, My Beautiful Children, My Company, My Family and True Friends
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Mყ frιᥱᥒds ᥴᥲᥣᥣ mᥱ Rosᥱ. I ᥲm hᥲρριᥣყ mᥲrrιᥱd to ᥲ gᥱᥒtᥣᥱmᥲᥒ bყ thᥱ ᥒᥲmᥱ of MrCᥱᥱWᥱᥣᥣ. Wᥱ hᥲvᥱ 6 bᥱᥲᥙtιfᥙᥣ ᥴhιᥣdrᥱᥒ. I ᥲm thᥱ Vιᥴᥱ Prᥱsιdᥱᥒt of 1Lovᥱ Gᥣobᥲᥣ Uᥒιvᥱrsιtყ. Wᥱ tᥱᥲᥴh ρᥱoρᥣᥱs hoᥕ to ᥙsᥱ dιffᥱrᥱᥒt softᥕᥲrᥱs ᥕhιᥣᥱ ᥴrᥱᥲtιᥒg. I ρᥣᥲყ ᥣιvᥱ oᥒ thᥱ rᥲdιo. Stᥲtιoᥒ ιs Bᥣoomιᥒg Rosᥱ. I ᥲm ᥲᥣso ᥲ ᥴrᥱᥲtor ᥲᥒd I ᥲm thᥱ ᥕιᥒᥒᥱr of Mιss IMVU USA 2020
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