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OK while I tend to think of IMVU solely as a game, because trust is not one of my biggest assets, I don't play w/ppl's feelings or emotions. I treat ppl the way i'd like to be treated...Not lookin for love on here, but do enjoy the rp of certain things hehe....love to play w/my fam n friends i've met.....we rp, party, n do business on this "game". I don't lie to ppl tho I tell em like it is and I believe more ppl should do so. One of my biggest pet peeves is the ability to multichat and whisper! UGH!!! . Though not looking for love, I like to treat my 3D relationships seriously, don't want to hurt anyone, cuz even tho the ppl I play with look at IMVU the same as I do, we take it serious n enjoy the whole rp thing. And tho not rl feelings, u can still get hurt--its a respect issue for me....I find it funny that ppl can't even be faithful on a friggin game....smdh.....I'm not here to be an ass w/anyone and I hope that the ppl I deal with feel the same.....However, If ur a NATAB (Nasty Ass Trifling Ass Bish) and u try to get live then ur feelings will mos def be hurt. I don't start drama, don't want drama but I will mos def not be punked out by it! I think more ppl should play that way.....afterall honesty is the best policy.....that's just MY take on IMVU.

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A Smile Like Hers by me ;) Upon her face she wears a smile. To look at her, she's happy! No signs of discontentment there, Lest someone be aware! Inside her house she wears a frown. You know she isn't happy! She mopes about and cries within, Hoping no one sees the loneliness, the misery The art of seeming happy! Copyright © 2009
My lil beanie baby ilu mama
My lil monkey melts my heart ilu baby
My lil munchkin always active ilu babygirl
My lil momma...mommy's lil helper...ilu mami
My lil man....man of da house...ilu lil papi
My lil papi ilu baby
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