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Welcome To The Howling Side of The MysticSinsSabreWulf Dark Moon on the Dark Side ♥♥♥

I have been Part of the IMVU Family since 2008... And I have learned a lot about the Creating and People here... Have made some great Friends here and Family as well... I have experienced a lot of things here... How some Folk can be Very Nice and Sweet, Some Cruel and Nasty, Some endures a lot of Drama... I met The love of my Life here... We have a small family... We don't come on a lot, as real life keeps us some what busy... But all around we love coming on and creating and listening to music, dancing and meeting really great people...

I met The love of my Life here... Crimson came into my LIFE April 2013, and we have flourished together since then... We was Married in Real July 17,2017... I almost lost this wonderful man in 2017, I Thank the Good Lord for letting me keep him in my life, I so love you Wayne AKA CrimsonSabreWulf

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