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Avatar since: 2007-05-28
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United States - TX
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"Reality is something you rise above."

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Relationship Status: Married
Looking For: Friendship
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~Down Center Fireplace*Eclipsed Couch!C* Farm Fencestring lightsKYH | Aracena cart
:D::DOMINO:ClubFloorLig.~Z~ !Country Radio14k Dream Fountain G4ever Fountain of PowerPICKNICK TABLE 1
~QI~ DRV PillarT- Mex. Garden Table!@ Cat iron:mo: MEADOW GARDEN SET☆ White Heels Diamond
⚘ White HeelsButterfly Dress -SA💛 Malibu Heels💛 Malibu TopK|KL*RedTightDressV.2
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