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I want to live n feel the dream
Relationship Status: Married
Looking For: Friendship

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M is for Mystical
S is for Sultry
S is for Silky
L is for Lucky
M is for Mysterious

Please be patient when sending chat invites. Sometimes it tends to be either slightly buggy or run fabulously. -I only handle ONE chat at a time-. Please do not feel offended if you find me in DnD or I decline your invite. Thanks!

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Please do not feel you need to leave me a gift. Any item listed here are for me to keep track of to buy later.

If by chance I have left you a gift, do not feel the need to gift me back. I gift just because I want to, not because I expect one in return.

My Interests

This is some of the things that catch my interest for longer than 5 minutes XD

gaiaonline, fantasy, anime, Friends, dragons, writing, Movies, music, Vampires, Wwe, manga, Family, sci-fi, reading, Chatting, video games, wrestling, ps2, Foamy, World of Warcraft, Role Playing, Red Vs Blue, Diablo 3, Steam Punk, Rift.
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