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What can I say about myself that others did not try to use against me. I’m a Boss!! That means, when I walk in a room, I own it!! Not trying to be your bestie or girlfriend, I’m there cause I can and will be there. I’m a goddess, mother, queen, sister, business maverick, porn star, bitch, lover, friend, teacher, caregiver, and more. I’m omnipotent in my abilities to dream big and go hard on my passions.

Being on IMVU gave me the ability soar as Modeling Agency Founder ; creating my own brand and being a BOSS.

Taking on new ventures and becoming Executive Producer of Royale Inc. Productions ; creating my own brand and being a BOSS.

Additionally, I gave my talents as a nurse to care of those producing new life. As a the Founder of QTR Maternity Retreat enabled me to provide quality services at an affordable price for the citizens of IMVU.

Owning my sexuality and being a part of the slut shame movement as Executive Producer & CEO of Queen Dom Cum Production ; not letting no one market off my goodies and treating me like their whore.

Well, that’s me and there is plenty more. Just take the time to invite for a chat and keep your assumptions to yourself. Let me show you how Royale I am, as the original ROYALE FAMILY of IMVU.

You are the definition of a sister. We are so connected and I will always value and protect our relationship above and beyond all things. LOVE YOU GIRL!! BLACK GIRL MAGIC!!

Lightning strikes twice on our love. You accept me with my flawless and all which is why I love you most. No matter what people think or assume, we know our love is beyond their expectations. You are showing me how love surpasses the physical and grows into the metaphysical. With this I am eternally yours on and off IMVU. Love Always, Trinity

You will always be my original son and my Prince. You have always had my heart and my protected me from all sides; so that I am always protected and loved by you. Thank you for being my baby boy and giving a loving grandson, Drey!! God Bless you both and remember you are Royale!!"

TT misses here baby boy and you will always have a home with me in my heart forever. Love, Trinity!!

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