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I've been through so much with you by my side, so much that i couldn't even imagine a life without you at this point. YOUR'E MY EVERYTHING. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH. Mine.
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I love my Family
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P.S.A. No I don't want to date you . No i won't be your momma. No i won't gift you for a shoutout or vice versa. (I can afford me and mine thank you.) Stop asking or i'll just block you! Thank you, have a lovely day!
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Just some junk i've made for myself, but if you like any of this junk.. you're more then welcome to buy it!!
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Disclaimer: Yes, i have another account - Yes, my husband knows about it because he is also my husband on that account - Yes it is my business. I made my avatar to look exactly like her for a reason i don't have anything to hide except for my other accounts username. I made this account due to a crazy stalker. 10+ year Vet. A select few of you already know who I am...So, Please stop messaging him or i that either of us are cheating... Thank you.
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