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"I'll stop wearing black when they make a darker color."

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if you cared enough to come to this page, i'll say this much: i'm a character, nothing more, but always less. i am one part of this thing that sets off fireworks. she is what makes me real. what brings the scene to life. if i'm the music, she's the notes. i can't exist without her. and, she can't exist without me. but she tries. too stubborn to admit her dependency, but the world can see what she hasn't yet. yet. she'll figure it out when she figures out what this all meant. which means she won't. because this meant the nothing she convinces herself i mean to her. but i love her. this is the dynamic. when she's kicking dirt in my face she's the most vulnerable. and in those moments she's breaking down. that's when it all feels worth it. a thousand years at war for one day at peace. but i love when she rips open my scars as much as i love when she put them there.

Relationship Status: Married
Looking For: Chatting
Special Someone
The only woman I've ever truly loved.
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-V! [ Jae ] Blast. RAM ASH BROWNCarmine Brown雪 Jeans Classic雪 Jacket Unholy
雪 DayZ Jacket雪 Jung Jae-won. RAM BLACKWestern Vest Tie SuitGrey Stripes Sweater
Ady YingYang Silk ShirtBlack White Vest Sh SuitBlack Fur CoatStelarMad
RedemptionBurn ♂Your GraveReaper v3Magic Robe n Hood SMK M

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