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Saesa omentien lle!

Yes, that's right. You, the one gawking at the screen. Now now, pick up your chin.
Isn't this amazing? Don't ask me how, but I knew you'd be here. Personally, I am glad you are.
If you choose to enter, be warned. For you see...The land of fantasy can be enticing. Which, I am.
My name is Wee, shall we begin our adventure?
I bid you welcome.~

I don't elude to real life information about myself, unless I feel comfortable doing so.
Yes, I have another account.

Creative Individuals, Conversation, Romanticism
Art, Storytelling, Poetry, Writing
Wine, Coffee and Sweets
Bold People, Integrity, Directness

Cold coffee & Mushrooms
Conceit, Assumption & Dishonesty

Music & Connection
Refined People, People of Caliber
I am quiet by nature, so people that challenge me.

I simply do not hate.
Ok, Maybe Spiders a little.

The space is rather quiet.
For good reason.
If you desire friendship, then approach me.

Two whispers, one beautiful silence
My Wolf, Zhagan.

Special Someone
He is my Wolf, my Chaos, the person I enjoy walking with. Each day brings us closer, and each lesson teaches us how strong a bond can be, a Soulmate worth waiting for.
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