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Monix  VIP Club Member
Avatar since: 05/16/08
VIP member since: 07/06/10
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Fluxing it up since '84
Relationship Status: In a Relationship
Looking For: Friendship
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Monix has no special someone.
My Wish List
♥ Prot | F Hair 1♥ Prot | Mask + Ears F♥ Prot | Claws F♥ Prot | Digi Legs F♥ Prot | F Top
♥ Prot | F SkinIka'Moo | Spikes BIGBi0haz | HairBi0haz | NeckBi0haz | Wings
Bi0haz | HornsBi0haz | TailBi0haz | HeadBi0haz | ArmsBi0haz | Legs
Bi0haz | Top FBi0haz | SkinBi0haz | EyesOswin | MaskOswin | Mask

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