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Age: 33
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Keep Smiling :)
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Well my name is Mohammad, I'm Lebanese born April 5 Favorite Movies:Toy Story ^.^,Cop Out,Charlie's Angels,Scary Movie,While You were Sleeping. I love nature will all it's creatures so GO GREEN. Oh and recycle it's not that hard. I love DOC never won it but I love playing it fair. That's me almost. I'll keep updating this everytime something happens with me :).

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punk, doc, goth, red, music, aa, June, aries, Lebanon, girls with brains :P
Special Someone
MohCoolMan has no special someone.

Super Cool Lady! Words can`t describe how fun you are!

The most generous and strong-willed person I know.

She is the reason I log in to IMVU everyday. Funny,unique,talented and definetly modest. I pinch myself everday just to believe I`m a friend with her.

A very special girl, she is talented,honest and I`m honoured being your friend.

I would never forget all our laughs together. You are wonderful.

Brother. :-)
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Iv-Flower Field199 MILLION BC (B)~MarFX Whirlwind GoldYelAROUND THE WORLD[PL] BlockbusteR BundlED
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Daily Outfit Contesters (DOC)

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Current US politics

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Best Backgrounds and poses outfit contest

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BFX Butterfly Effectory

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Cheeze Whiz

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Nocturnal Embassy

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Pandoras Box Avatar Contest

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Star Awards

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VM inc.

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Avatar Awards Club

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Kids of 2100

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VisNova's PoseCentral

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Latin Pixel

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Diamond Awards

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The Million Credit Competition.

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Duct Tape Revival

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DOC Temple

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Charlynd Outfit Challenge

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~*Mystical Awards*~

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MyAwards Contest

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