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Age: 29
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Relationship Status: Married
Hello there!
br /> I have two blue eyes to observe
I have a pair of ears to listen
I have a set of lips to speak my mind
And a heart big enough for it all

Want to visit a beautiful website?
Stop by www.givesmehope.com

I am a mayor supporter of grammar,
tlk 2 mii lyk ths nd Ill gt vry annyd!

Hmm about me huh?
I am not randomz Try to label me and you'll be at it for a bit..

I've always believed deep down in my heart that I am destined to do great things

I am always here to help,
Help does not mean I'll give you stuff.
Want credits? Use the links below!

Ask me for advice
Be honest around me
Ask questions
Pay attention and give alot of attention, I love it <3

Don't: Beg, cause I'll report you,
Chainmail me, cause I'll report you,
Ask me if I want to see or show something on cam,
Cause, I'll report you..
Curse at me, cause I'll report you.
And most of all don't send me the freakin online cookies,
It makes me depressed when there isn't an actual cookie around to eat :(

In short: Be nice, use your brain and you're good to go around me:]

Ohh and Btw, setting your avatar in a 'mood' while in a chat, just looks stupid xD

Want to know more? Sure! Invite me for a chat or leave a msg!
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Missyterious has no special someone.
Dear Jesse, my sister:) We havn't spoken much lately but I carry you in my heart (sounds corny I know but it's true.) You've helped me so much in the past years and I hold that dear. I'll be here for you, anytime, anyday. Just like you've been there for me. Much love, Xx
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Wanted most: Products for my male avatar & basicly anything you can get me, my wishlist got a bit out of control. I'd be very happy if you gifted me. But do not worry, someday I will just buy it all myself^^
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