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♔ Furn ♥ Corner Bed♔ Furn ♥ Chair♔ Furn ♥ Vanity♔ Furn ♥ ChairDiamonds couch
cinnamon buns <3cute toaster <3dinner table + chairspink rug <3kawaii microwave <3
candy <3bunny bag <3cutie backpack <3heart table v3 <3stage! <3
bunny <3♡ VINYL DressGirly Tingzspacerspacer
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Need a cute makeover? Too lazy to build one for yourself? That's where I step in!

What is this all about?

I'm always updating my look and browsing the shop, therefor I have a lot of experience when it comes to making looks. I have been asked to sell my looks multiple times and that's where I got this idea from. Each of the looks for sale are UNIQUE meaning that they do not contain same items as the other outfits, sales of each outfit are LIMITED meaning only few can buy the same look to keep it unique in future as well.

What does selling looks mean?

It means that I am willing to give you the links to the products needed to get the look of your choice, but I'm not giving them away for free.

How do I buy a look?

Purchase the 5k support sticker from my catalog (click thee picture of the outfits and you will be directed to the product page), send me a message and let me know WHEN you made the purchase and WHICH look you want the links for. If the sticker is gifted to you, please let me know the name of the gifter when sending me the message. NOTE: If the look has been marked with "SOLD OUT" text, it means it is indeed sold out, attempting to buy such outfit WILL NOT result in refund, so do yourself a favor and choose one that is available.

When will I receive the links after buying?

I will be sending the links the next time I log in after the following steps have been taken: 1. I have received a message you including the information of which look you wish to have 2. I see that the sticker has indeed been purchased by / to you (will appear in seconds after purchase)


I am not selling these as outfits, but simply as the basic looks including: head, skin, eyes, eyebrows, hair and avatar. I will not be gifting you any of the items, you'll have to buy them yourself. Each look is LIMITED in sales, once it has been sold out, it is sold out. Do NOT bother asking me about them. The support sticker does not have the final price of 5k because IMVU takes it's share for each sale. The credits amount that I will be receiving from the sale is 5000cr. If you see me online and wish to discuss direct transfer payment instead, do send me a message letting me know about this. I will NOT accept direct transfer unless I am online and have clearly accepted it as a payment method.

I'm currently selling the looks pictured below.

I am currently selling these DP's

20k / dp

Art is made by me.

I accept the payment as a support sticker. Clicking any of the pictures below will take you to the correct sticker page in the shop.

ALWAYS message me before buying to make sure the dp is still available.