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∞Custom Order Price List and Rules∞


neko package…. 5000cr |includes: ears, tail, and hairstyle
furry package…. 10000cr |includes: skin, ears, tail, and hairstyle


remove from shop…. 5000cr |this will make the set unavailable for others to purchase, guaranteeing it is yours and yours alone
additional accessory…. 2000cr |this is for each additional accessory [collars, fluff, fins, wings, horns, etc.]
twin [same gender]…. 5000cr |this allows a duplicate furset to be gifted to one more person of the same gender
twin [opposite gender]…. 5500cr |this allows a duplicate furset to be gifted to one more person of the opposite gender


•i do not give away custom sets for free. no exceptions. however in some cases i will accept oc trade as payment for a neko or furry package
• to order a custom fur or item just send me a message [please do not pc me to order]
•please include the following information for color and markings and be as descriptive as possible [reference photos or drawings are always welcome]:
[name of fur:
[color palette:
[hair color:
[hair style:
[body type:
• if you already know which meshes you would like used please include the links [if you haven’t picked out meshes, don’t sweat it. see FAQ for more info]
•payment must be received no later than 48 hours after the set or item is completed. [unless i have approved other arrangements made prior to the completion of the order]
•i will not gift you your set or item until i have received payment.
•please do not send payment before the order has been completed
•i do not accept badges or stickers as payment
•if payment is not made within the 48 hours after completion i will edit the set or item as i please and it will not be gifted to you
•check your messages often. i will be sending you messages to update you on the status of your order and to get each piece approved by you before i publish it.
•absolutely no refunds. so make sure you look over each piece carefully before you approve them.
•be patient. i do have a life outside of IMVU and creating can take a while.


Q: do i have to purchase my custom order from the shop?
A: no. i will gift you your full order as soon as I receive payment.
Q: what are meshes, and what if I don’t have any picked out?
A: meshes are basically the skeletal structure and foundation for each item created, you must have a mesh to create an item. if you don’t already have meshes picked out just give me a little extra information about what you would like the item to look like, and I will send you some meshes to choose from.
Q: what if i don’t know what I would like to name the fur, or what if i am unsure about what I want it to look like?
A: if you do not provide all information listed in the rules section I will take some creative freedom when it comes to markings, color, or name [basically whatever information is not provided]. but I will always get the information approved by you to make sure you are happy with it.
Q: i really want my own furset, but I don’t know what I want it to look like. what should i do?
A: i am willing to help out in the creating of a personal fursona. just give me some information about yourself [likes, dislikes, personality, etc..] and we can work together to create a furry that is all you.
Q: i decided I would like some changes made to my set or item, can you edit them for me.
A: yes. but it will cost 500cr per each item edited. i will not change meshes for you unless you pay the ‘additional accessory’ price for each new mesh.
Q: how long will it take for you to finish my order?
A: unfortunately I do not have an exact answer for this. i have a busy work schedule and cannot just put everything on hold to create a set or item, so that is a factor in how long it may take. I can typically finish one item in a matter of hours, meaning if you order just one item you are likely to get it the next day as long as payment has been made. full fursets take much longer though, and it can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks depending on how much detail is in the set and how much free time I have. so remember, good things come to those who wait. ♥

hi. im Tsukikage.

i am a nerd and i love it

i have a lot of anxiety issues, especially related to social situations. so don’t be offended if i don’t talk to you

i do not accept random friend requests, so do not add me unless you have talked to me or message me at least once

things i ♥:
cats, nerd culture, books, gaming, doctor who, game of thrones, lord of the rings, pokemon, the elder scrolls, fable, renaissance fairs, water, cryptozoology, galaxy print, all things paranormal, dream catchers, “reality” tv [and laughing it], disney, anything on tlc, furries, art, plants, hoodies, tea, pretzel bread, bread in general, feathers, messy hair, wandering aimlessly, aztec pattern, vlogs, ramen, ▲

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