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Hello & Welcome to my page.

I specialize in skins and basically body shop products. If you would like to have a custom skin from me, follow my homepage & profile.
If its stated that customs are not open on my profile and custom info section any messages or orders will be ignored.
If you have certain ideas that you would like me to do, kindly post your references with your message in game,
if it is with the compound & rules of the game and fits with my style i would kindly do them for you.
Do not send 3D Chat invites without any reason. It will be ignored. Or inbox me before you do...

Hey Everyone :3

First of all I would like to thanks everyone for their support and if you're wondering Who i am and what i like & hate, here you go...

I'm from Istanbul/Turkey. I'm a lady so watch your language while you talking to me... I studied Fine Art at University.
I love Ice Hockey, MMORPG games, pizza(yum), dancing street jazz, cooking, drawing and spending hours on photoshop to create stuff.
What I don't like is; cocky people, stalkers, haters, liars, random people who wearing kid avatars and asking me if I want to adopt them...
I have a lovely real family so no I don't need a virtual one. And no I don't understand all this roleplaying family stuff in here.
I hate when people asks 'hey can you teach me how to dev'.. Hmm.. No I can't. It takes weeks, months, years to learn these stuff.
So you can't learn it just like that or in a week. I can help, give tips, suggestions but I don't teach. As i said, it takes lots of time...
I don't tolerate texture thieft. I'm not lazy to fill DMCA form so if you want to remain in game, Do Not steal my textures.
I don't sell psd files at the moment, When i will you'll know.

And lastly, I don't bite people. You can come and talk to me. I like to make friends:3
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