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Age: 61
Puerto Rico
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Que hermosa es la vida, no la quites.
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!!! imvu latino !!!

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Anshe Fans Group

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200 For Christ

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Rooms Latinos Publicos

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imvusale.com mingle ground

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I Love Chihuahua's!!!

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cool and pretty avatar

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*~*~..Jesus The Light Of The World..~*~*

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Very Crazy People Club

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Aabeyy Collections

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Puerto Rico's Room

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Los Simpson Súper Latinos

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IMVU Avatar Picture Makers

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Wishlist Feedback

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Mundo Imvu

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IMVU Latino Fittness Group

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Chihuahua lovers

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Tu Grupo

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[8O8] MY GlRLTiki Torch[V] GothRomancePatio Swing Animated[IR] Luminous Pearl
[V] Rock Beach Villa*Pc* Diamond Lady(A) Bowling Alley[69s] SMOOCH II  *Ani*spacer
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