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! Francisca butter! Francisca black[RC]Baroque-Earrings[RC]BaroqueMy Beautiful Doll Dance
K|CalmBlueGray2Tone! Stella black pearl! Margarita rustAki Mabel Choco! Coral black pearl
! Raquel black♛ Wrapped Shirt + Ink.♛ Tanktop Black + Ink.! Jayda black! Brenda black
-K- Lite Oiled Hands::EZ:: Reflecto Fur LRB::EZ:: Reflecto Necklace::EZ:: Reflecto Pumps::EZ:: Reflecto Pants
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Alisa Joy Med NoLashAlisa Joy MedTaly Zell Med NoLash
Taly Zell MedTaly Diane Med NoLashTaly Diane Med

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