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% Mulatto blackJ | Tabitha black pearlM$ Eda Black.🧡 Gold Pearl Shades💛 Malibu Earrings
💙 Minimal Hoops G.J | Ellie blackJ | Lizzo black mid partJ | Nathalie blackYALLA Thick Golden Hoops
Ҟ▲Chaya BlackҞ▲Nuria Scarlet♚Gia purple ombreH! Buttons Pants v.1Photo Room 8 Lights
S= Elegance photoroomB♥ TRAIN RIDE ..H/Yatinuo BlackT| Priscila -BlackAnya Brown
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Dawna V Med No LashesDawna V Med Skins MHRia X Dark No Lashes
Ria X Dark Skins MHAura X 2 Med No LashesAura X 2 Med Skins MH

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