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There isn't enough
in forever.
Relationship Status: Single
Looking For: Chatting
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MidnightAngel has no special someone.
Looking out my broken window
at a broken view
I remember things you told me
I remember you
I remember things long gone now
once they were so new
when we shared a love so tender
before the storm winds blew
Looking out my broken window
at a broken day
I recall those precious moments
now so far away
I remember moments wishing
that forever you would stay
but life just was not looking
and you went away
Looking out my broken window
at a broken sky
I saw the dark itself descending
through my broken eye
for there was a life time waiting
for me to wonder why
we never fixed those broken moments
between both you and I
My Interests
"You take the good
with the bad,
Love what you got
and remember what you had,
Learn to forgive
but never forget,
Learn from your mistakes
but never regret,
People change,
things go wrong,
just remember, life goes on" :)
Never make someone a priority in your life when you're only an option in theirs. ♥Actions Speak louder than words do. Sometimes we give so much of ourselves that we have nothing left.
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My Room
The dreams of yesterday
Are just memories today
Envisions of the future
that faded away.
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Its hard
to tell your
mind to stop
someone when
your heart
still does.....
It seems a lonely place.
If we've no one to share it with,
We cannot see its grace.
We're lost upon an empty sea
Adrift within the storm.
A shadow of our former selves
Without substance or form.
And yet, we strive to carry on,
To see the sun once more.
We place our hearts upon the block,
As we have done before.
But often we will move too fast,
Or try to skip ahead.
If one but glances through a book,
He can't know what he's read.
Each story cultivates a path,
From beginning to end.
It's a trail true love must follow,
The way that it was penned.
If you attempt to circumvent
The courtship at the start,
Your romance will become a fling,
Which leads to broken hearts.
For who could ever trust someone
Who gives themselves so swift,
And shares with one they hardly know
Such an intimate gift.
Happy endings are rarely found,
In tales that start this way.
Such passion sometimes feels like love,
But passion fades away.
And if no love can then be found,
You'll be alone again.
Adrift upon that empty sea,
Where you have often been.
For if your offered love is free,
And it need not be earned,
What merit do you think it has,
When it is not returned?
Love's worth is measured by the work
Required to make it grow.
But when you give that love away,
Its value is brought low.
So if you seek this treasured prize,
Here's what you'll have to do.
The love you offer someone else
Must mean something to you.
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"You take the good
with the bad,
Love what you got
and remember what you had,
Learn to forgive
but never forget,
Learn from your mistakes
but never regret,
People change,
things go wrong,
just remember, life goes on"
The nights haunt me without you. I close my eyes and I still see you, hear you, feel you.. Nothing is the same without you.
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I woke up this morning
With a smile upon my face
thinking of you
and your warm embrace.
Counting the hours
til I see you again
and to feel your touch
upon my skin
Minutes seem like hours
hours like days
Days seem like forever
when you are away.
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