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What is the Furry Forums?

Looking for other furrys? Tired of chatnows with intolerant people? I created the Furry Forums as a haven for the furrys of imvu to have a safeplace. A place away from all the meaness and the nastiness. So click and explore today! Over 600 members strong and with our own irc!

Click here to visit sheskull.com! be sure to check out the forums ^^
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This is my RL sisters account, be sure to check her out once we finish her page! yes shes the older one, and maybe i do hog the compie too much, but she puts up with me. Much love sis!
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my interests at the moment involve developing and learning how to mesh better and better things.
kitty, Developer, furry, meow, designing, cat, furrie, fuzzy, Lambda, forums, prodev, pro-developer
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^_^ Awww it seems every time i get some creds in it goes back out to pay for developing or giving a gift. Its been so long since ive gotten anything just for me..Yeah some of this stuff is super freaky, but most of them are for *cough* projects im working on. Occasionaly I'll be able to get myself something off my wish list, mostly as a congratulations for a job well done.
Ballon anim M DRVMom's Lounge Couch!Em Pink SpringLaceDressCrystale Shoes[HIME] Orgon Hair v1
🜏 Morthal LatteICO Ranger ArmourDasher Reindeer Bundle[ACS] LASER LIGHT[SH] Tic Tac Toe
Lakeside Wedding[ACS] ROMANTIC RUGPB Eye Chart Backdrop10 Swimsuit Model Poses!CC - Camping Kit - Small
[hd] 10 Yoga Poses{K} HMS Furry Kspacerspacerspacer
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Drawing Board!

As of 10/18/06, any exceptional drawings on here will be screenshotted and saved to my gallery, which i strongly encourage you to visit If youve drawn something awsome on this and want to make sure i see it, feel free to send a screenshot of it to maxis29@gmail.com ^.^

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This is my rankings panel. As you can tell I'm a you give me one i give you one kind of guy. well not anymore! The generosity meter has been broken forever.
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Why do i have Max29 on my products when my username is Maxis29?

Max29 is my prefered alias, but alas when i first joined so many months ago, it was already taken, as was plain old Maxis. I therefore combined the two, making the name maxis29. Seeing as how it did not fit the catalog pic, i decided to use Max29 on all my product pages.

Yes I am planning to make more and more awesome products! :D Be sure to check out my products! As of late ive been making awsome stuff , all hand drawn ;D

I support the following Devs:

Upcoming Meshes
Duck Bill
Anyskin Anthro Legs
Anyskin Clawfeet
Octolass Accesories
Collar with Triangle
Holdable Baby
Lovers Lane
Preggy Stuff
Naga Tail bottom
Wolf Den
More Muzzles!
More furry stuff soon!
Munkee HeadNoekh Head V1Mara head
Derivable Horse HoofsDerivable Horse HoofsAnyskin Paws w/Claws v2