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Hello, bonjour, hi .. badges are at the bottom, thanks for visiting.

Who am I?

I am Marmalade, you can call me Mar. Celebrated my 20something (YIKES) birthday on the 8th of July depending on when I last updated this lol. Originally from the state of Vermawn...(anyone from there will get the reference), but transplanted here and there over the last few years.. I've been part of the IMVU community foorrrrrevvvverrrr.. yes that was a sandlot reference, if you didn't get that... we can't be friends, lol. I don't come on here to chat, but if you leave me a message I will more than likely answer.. I'm a friendly girl, what can I say? and I like to gab.. Learned content creating a long arse time ago, while coming through a sickness.. this was before netflix had epic binge watching.. had to do something, why not make money doing it lol. IRL, All I ask is don't hit on me.. you might not like the response I give lol. I am straightforward, and been called caring, happy, snarky.. plus a lot of adjectives I'd rather not state out loud. lol.

I wouldn't give this girl up for anyone or anything

My sister from another mister.

Yeah no..

Developers on here that I either love or have come to admire in the last few years.

ViciousPassion l noahshes l Riyah l WhiteDiamond l RedElectressBionicPT l really have to update this, bc a lot of these special ladies aren't active anymore.. if you want a shout out here.. lemme know.

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Open, for my newest skin tones or hair colors. Price is 1,000 cr and will be gifted to you once submitted, all I need is a reference makeup or the hair you want me to derive.

I'm back beeches! lol. Leave me a message or a request and I'll get back to you.. I can recolor things, or do personal hair just let me know!.

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