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Welcome to my page where being me is what I do best!

Ugh...I hate this part really. I don't like explaining who I am. It's not because I am not interesting. It is because I am very random and weird.
I can carry on a full conversation about fifty different things at the same time. It takes a person with that special kind of weird to understand
me. I am a fashionista. I love love love vintage. Although I love vintage, I like grunge photography a lot. My ideal photoshoot would be an alley
with barrels, maybe a big dumpster, and newspaper scattered about. I could really work with that scene with the right photographer. I don't want
to model. I just want to take photos for my portfolio. Maybe that will be on my agenda after school. University is not on my like list. The
classes can be long and boring unless I am sitting beside the class idiot. Then it's love and laughs the entire semester. I can't dance an ounce
but I love trying. It's all in good fun for me. I am a down to earth, cool chic as long as you stay in my good graces. Peace and chicken grease

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