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Age: 30
United States - FL
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try my stuff before you buy it. i WILL NOT give any refunds, nor would most developers; it's all as-seen in the thumbnails:).

make sure to check my stuff out, and thanks for your support(:

M Springtime HEATHERAnimal Print Nails PINKM Destroyed JeansM Classy DNM/CollaredM Grey Slit CamiM Dino+Robo Luv Bandaid
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Manicure has no special someone.
lizi- noun: perfect; ily babe :D yew've been there for me forever and yewr the person i've known the best and longest on here. since back in like 2006 when we both had guest in our avi names xD. shes amazing a great dev and lots of fun to play gift tag with lmao :D she was there for me before when school sucked, when i had boyfriend issues and so much other crap and i'm more close to her then anyone on imvu. and i'll always love her :D
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