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Age: 32
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A man who is a QUEEN!
Relationship Status: Seeing Someone
Looking For: Chatting
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[ミ] Gaara Shirt[ミ] Gaara RP Bottoms! Crooked Smile Mask! Floating Black Hearts! Fallen Black & White
! Incubus Bundle!H Hyoton[~SB] AkatsukiZangetsu.p. i love you too
❤ Grumpy Pants ❤❤Grumpy Sweater❤Rubiuh HairBan - Nanatsu NoTaizaiPain-Naruto Shippuden
Bardock - Dragon Ball❂ Sangwoo神. Korean SangWoo V1.M| Beau BeautyPink Mesh Hoodie | V2
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Special Someone
My Bestie! Hurt him and i'll hurt you!
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