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welcome bellas and fellas
Pamela/ taken/ 26yo/ mexican

Im not much of a talkative person, but if you want to get me know better then i'm open for a chat

I've been on "imvu" almost ten years and i never get bored of this, im a very nice person, don't get caught by first impressions, i enjoy chatting on tiny rooms and talking about games, music, food, japanese culture,fashion and arts, so i'm always looking for new rooms to find ppl for a nice talk

Right now i'm living with my boyfriend Christopher a beautiful human being, he took my heart six years ago and go on, also he is a musician so im putting right here his soundcloud link and i hope some of you will support him

I met a lots of friends in here, some of then are gone by now and with no trace of them, i will never forget them.

my precious friends:

ISU, Piikac, Marchis62, Tentoomushi, Talais, Diegoxc0re, Gendra, Egoista, Danyemo, Belcastel, Kattoh, Laurodz, blackxc0re, FranIkedaXx32, Diimoon, Hover, DrakFrancis

I think that's it

thank you for taking the time to read this


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