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!a Faith KD Head!a Kitten Mask (any skina Fall Blk Skort RLL
a Fall Blk Skort RL!a Fall Black Bootsð Fall Gold Look RL
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This wishlist is for my own use, not intended to hint about anyone buying me a gift...but if you do use this list to get me something, it is much appreciated.

Xmas Glitter Dress RLL[Is] Conjurer Witch Boot[Is] Conjurer Witch Dres[M]SHORT PEACH NAILS-SL[M]Wedding Veil/Tiara
[M] New Year EarringsA Shadowless LightLIN AUTUMN DRESS BUNDLE*R* Moonlight EnhancerCouple Pose 20
Dress Chines Garça BcoChic Rose Gold ChairsStar Explosion EffectTeal Bomb & Sound= Glitter Bomb Blue
= Dj Bomb Effect+SoundFire Bomb & SoundDJ BOMB!!!Dj Bomb lightLoaded Fries (Hand)
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