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Avatar since: 2008-04-20
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"💔's Are Meant to Be💔⛈️Storms Never Last Do They Baby?⛈️J.E.M.S "

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Relationship Status: Single
Looking For: Chatting
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Thanks Kyaos for entering my life.

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== Results from ==
100% Brat tamer
96% Brat
89% Voyeur
77% Dominant
74% Vanilla
65% Primal (Hunter)
62% Submissive
49% Master/Mistress
48% Exhibitionist
43% Daddy/Mommy
31% Rope bunny
30% Switch
22% Experimentalist
18% Primal (Prey)
9% Masochist
7% Pet
4% Rigger
3% Boy/Girl
1% Slave
1% Owner
1% Degrader
1% Non-monogamist
1% Ageplayer
0% Degradee
0% Sadist

<❤❤><NO PRIVATE CHATS><IMVU ONLY><NO DRAMA><2 Daughters><Forever Twin Lina><(Families)<Mac8 Family><StormOx Family - (MOM)❤ Kait, (Dad)❤ Savage, ❤Bro-Fire, ❤Sis-Lina, My other 3/4ths ❤Faith, ❤Kenzie, ❤Elvie.><Love & Laughter><A Lil RP>❤❤Manager of JEMS❤❤
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!b Yellow Mango Shorts M!a Yellow Mango Heels!b DRV White Shorts
!a Yellow Mango Pantsuit!a Yellow Pant Suit!b Kid-Men Shorts Blk V1
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This wishlist is for my own use, not intended to hint about anyone buying me a gift...but if you do use this list to get me something, it is much appreciated.

[Efr] Key FGT S2[Efr] Key FGT R2[Efr] Key FGT RR3[Efr] Key FGT R3[Efr] Key FGT RR2
[Efr] Key HyperCar FGTB3[Efr] Key FGT BR3[Efr] Key FGT RR4Fox Ninja Ears V1Fox Ninja Tail V1
🤍 Ella Belly PiercingɃ. Butterfly Bar S𝕯 Daisy Outfit HSSS*Bella Tattoo-Busty*[Efr] Romantic Escape
[Efr] Golf Field[Efr] Boxing Action 3 MF[Efr] Boxing Action 2[Efr] Victory Sign TrigYellow Gown
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