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Avatar since: 2008-04-20
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" 💔I Don't Care cuz It's Only Make Believe💔"

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-----------NO Private Chats----------
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-------------LOVE MUSIC-------------
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<NO PRIVATE CHATS><IMVU ONLY> 2 Daughters, Forever Twin <Lina>, (Families), <Mac8> <Ray & MrsSilver>, <oX> <Drako & Kait> <Siblings>MrFirexStormOx, Kenzie, Elvie> <BRO's Smokin and Devon> Laughter, Music, NO DRAMA
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!a DRV 20's Cloche Hat!a 20's Silver Cloche!a DRV Empty F Clothing
!a Bottle VB!a DRV Layerable Vest F!a Vanessa Sassy Black
My Wish List

This wishlist is for my own use, not intended to hint about anyone buying me a gift...but if you do use this list to get me something, it is much appreciated.

{花}Little Helpers 40%!C! Marilyn Monroe DressBeige 1920 Wedding Dress! L! Helen 20's Bundle! L! Snowflake Fairy BN
! Toxic Rave Boots P!Neon Beast Wolf Kicks F! Breast Cancer Boots! Toxic Rave Boots v6 P! Toxic Rave Heels P
*The roaring 20s dress*! Leather Belted Pants~Record Base Dance~Funny Tung Action [F]J- Shanlim carrot
J- Pepina carrotJ- Kerr carrotJ- Rosa carrotJ- Seren carrotJ- Molly carrot
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