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I died.
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My Sandbox

"I can not find any furry Accessories in the shop for males, Why?"
> All Accessories are generally under the 'Female' tab. I don't know why, this is out of my power since the mesher who originally uploaded the product put it under 'Female'. I would recommend shopping in the 'All' tab for optimal products!

"Thank you for the Badges!"
>You are Welcome! Please refrain from sending me a message in my inbox as it gets cluttered along with messages about requests/customs/other matters, you are welcome to send me a friend request though!

"Are you Open for Customs?"
>Generally, Yes. I do prefer PayPal over credits- so please keep this in mind when sending me a message. If you do NOT have a reference, please do not message me.
No, I will not make one for you!

"Can I invite you to a PC?"
>Yes, Of course. Keep in mind while I am online via Client I am mostly likely creating. If you wish to simply converse or 'get to know me' please join me in one of the public rooms I am attending! There I am most active and it helps with the clutter of creator tags and conversation.

"Can I get help with Creating?
>Of Course! Plenty of my freebies and guides have been flooded and saturated along forums and groups, but I am still willing to help with any assistance I can give! Please ensure to be clear about your problem in the message you are sending, and links to screenshots do help plenty!

"You're not as active anymore, why?"
>TL;DR, IMVU is not fun for me anymore. I do enjoy creating when I can, and I am ever thankful for the support of everyone on here!

"you did something to me and I am not happy about it."
>Well, I am truly sorry that happened. If you would like to send me a message about a problem my DM's are open. Ensure I am able to reply please, and any issue/quarrel can be solved as soon as possible!

I hope this has been helpful! If you still have a question/Concern my Inbox is still open!

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