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Sister of Pleiade Master Time 4 total Sister & Brother hood in weaving tapestry of harmony & balance
Relationship Status: Married

Special Someone
My Love returned in this life time as my husband again! Take a deep breath now, you are home my Love. Welcome.
Update; The past 4 months have been absolutely wonderful, as we are learning each other all over again. I love you my Lord.
Our hand-fasting was on May 11, 2008. Blessed be!.
UpDate-Nov. 6th, 2008-
Our 1st anniversary was this past Oct. 2nd. It has been 1 year since we got back
together, this past year has been very beautiful with a love that surpasses 33 years ago.
Thank you my Goddess!!!

May 8, 2010, Update~ Our 2nd anniversary is in 3 days. Our love is even stronger now than before.
Baby, I could not have gotten through this as I have, without your strong love and strength for the past year! Thank you my love, thank you my Goddess! Thank you Universe!

We met 32 years ago...Married August 09, 1975, Divorced March 1979
23 years later, we laid eyes on each other Sept. 7, 2007 & again Sept. 23, 2007
And Rejoined Oct. 2, 2007
My baby left, & on his way returning back
home at 10:30AM Will be arriving here at 2:PM Oct. 2, 2007, He arrived here at 1:30PM
Welcome back home my Love !!!
A beautiful haunting from 32 years past, returns?.....Sir Lancelot my 'True Love' from lives past... A beautiful relationship that never had a chance has come full circle. We finally get this second chance we both have sought from other life times.. My knight has returned once again & I thank my Goddess with every breathe I take and every beat of my heart! I love you my love.
It's very rare, but sometimes life makes
your Dream FairyTale come to life
when you think
that life has passed you by.....
Welcome home my Love, welcome home!

As Dovey1968 said, "I think your story is written here," the book above, how beautiful....Thank you Dovey1968, what a beautiful message! May life send you many bright blessings to you & yours, Blessed Be!

A Fairy Tale Wedding~
The Hand-Fasting (wedding) ceremony of Lord Wolf Mennez & Lady Sthar Shadow Hawk~ May 11th, 2008
Lord Wolf Mennez & myself before the hand-fasting ceremony.

The reception gazebo tent, before the wind blew over the cake & tent still standing, lol! Pic beside that one, is where the winds blew over the table & cake to the ground, as we walked through the raised swords, lol. As the swords were lower, symbolically Cutting away our past from 32 years ago. Found out later, that a tornado was sighted less than 15 miles from us. Now thats what I call 'The Gods' clearing away our past, lol!

Standing at North-East gate of TSSG Temple, waiting entrance. Entering sacred circle.

~Part of our Vows below~

Sthar~ Long, long ago, I asked all the assembled Gods in their glory for one precious gift.
Mennez~ Long, long ago, I asked all the Gods in their eternity for one ultimate blessing.
Sthar~ Something that would be strong beneath my feet.
Mennez~ Something that would be as gentle as a warm feather comforter on a snowy night.
Sthar~ Something that would fit so well that I would wear it everyday.
Mennez~ Something that would grow as I grew.
Sthar~ Something that would challenge me & stretch my minds horizons.
Mennez~ Something that would make me a better person.
Sthar~ Something that I could always be proud of.
Mennez~ Something that would always believe in me.
Sthar~ Something that would accept me the way I am.
Mennez~ Something that would make me feel, for the first time, What it was to be truly loved.
Sthar~ Something that would fly with me every Spring.
Mennez~ Dance with me every Summer.
Sthar~ Share my harvest every Autumn.
Mennez~ Walk with me every Winter.
Sthar~ Lie with me every night.
Mennez~ Awake to me every morning.
Sthar~ Share my hopes and dreams.
Mennez~ Share my pains and sorrows.
Sthar~ Share my youth and strength.
Mennez~ Share my old age and wisdom.
Sthar~ Hold my hand.
Mennez~ And love me forever.
Sthar~ And the Gods gave me you.
Mennez~ And the Gods gave me you.
Sthar~ You are the companion of my heart and soul.
Mennez~ You are the companion of my body and mind.
Sthar~ Your presence is my blessings,
Mennez~ And you are still my greatest gift,
Sthar~ All that I have is yours,
Mennez~ And all that I am, I became with your aid,
Sthar~ All that I promised you before, I swear again with all my heart.
Mennez~ All that I promised you before, I swear again with all my heart.
Sthar~ As I stand here once more, With a new understanding of what love & life are Truly About, I have no regrets.
Mennez~ And as I stand here again, With a new understanding of what love & life are Truly about, I too, have no regrets.
For the Full Ceremony; click here.
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